Legal and Sworn Translation

Lawyer–linguist specialising in legal and official texts

When the translated texts are important enough to change lives and to change companies
My clients have a lot at stake and they seek excellence in the services they request and provide.





Legal Translator

from English to Spanish and from Italian to Spanish

Legal Translation

My clients know that a bad translation can damage their or their client’s reputation.

Who are my clients?

Legal Firms

English-speaking and Italian Companies

International Companies

Family Offices

Accounting Firms

Investment Institutions

National and International Banks

Consulting Firms

Professional Legal and Sworn Translation Service

Avoid bad translations and their negative consequences.

Legal Translations

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Sworn Translator

Who’s the person who translates the texts?

My name is Cristina Gómez Villacastín, professional translator and lawyer–linguist.

I specialise in legal translation and am a sworn translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (registration number 1149).

I’m lucky enough to work in a job I love, translating legal texts to help professionals and companies that are seeking a quality, friendly, specialist and trustworthy service.

My career in the translation sector began in 1998, with projects in Spain, Ireland and Italy.

My work involves offering faithful, meticulous translations of texts where there’s no room for any possibility of error or the consequences this might bring. Official and legal translations that require expert hands.

Working from English and Italian to Spanish, I translate legal texts including deeds, company agreements, contracts, court rulings and articles of association. I also offer sworn translations of these documents.

What do clients say about my work?

«Cristina has carried out translation services for Airborne Systems over the past 11 years. This included translation of legal, technical and financial documents in support of our business in Spain. Fundamental in our success in Spain has been both Cristina’s contribution to our efforts and her understanding of our business as well as our client’s expectations».

Yannick Bonnemaiso

Airborne Systems North America

Joaquín G. Durán


«Llevo 20 años encargando a Cristina la traducción de comunicación corporativa y de documentos jurídicos, financieros y técnicos. Presta un servicio profesional de muy alta calidad y el trato con ella es agradable y sencillo. La he recomendado a las empresas extranjeras y nacionales con las que trabajo y siempre han quedado muy satisfechas con la calidad de su trabajo y su actitud profesional».

«Conozco a Cristina Gómez Villacastín como lingüista profesional desde hace 20 años. En ella destacaría la especialización, por su doble condición de traductora y jurista, y su profesionalidad en todo momento. Sus traducciones siempre han sido de máxima calidad y siempre cumple escrupulosamente los plazos de los encargos de traducción».

Verónica Román Mínguez

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Edwin Bollaerts

Advanced Aerospace Designs

«Cristina has provided legal and technical translation services to AAD for 10 years. She is committed, formal and punctual in her translation work and has never missed a deadline».


Sworn Translator

Do you need to translate deeds, agreements, claims, contracts, powers of attorney, official documents or articles of association?

I can help you. Language won’t be a barrier any more.